Montag, 29. März 2010

We say Goodbye...

… to our children of the Asha Kiran hostel, to whom we will never be able to say “Immone Sigona” ( See you!) any more.

… to our English class in the office, during which not only they learned a lot, but also we.

… to our English class in Shejwad school, who sometimes really challenged us, but whose cute and lovely characters and whose words “TEACHER, TEACHER!!!” will always stay in our minds.

… to our dear KRWCDS staff, who integrated us so well, who were always very interested in us and our culture and all the time worried about our food (Uda aydu?)!

… to our dear Mentor Ganesh and Yashika, who became much more than just mentors, but in fact true friends, with whom we could share almost everything and who were always there for us.

… to our respected Director Mr. Susaraj, from whom learned so much about India, the project as well as ourselves and whose office was always a place of hospitality and honesty.

… to our beloved Lincy, who was not only the best cook for us in India, but in fact the best mother, sister as well as friend.

… to our office-mummy Fatima, with whom we never had a common language, but with whom we could laugh, cry, keep silent and just feel that this relationship is something very special and unique.

… to Fatima’s grandchildren Lubna, Asha, Thaira and Zaffa, who made us feel being a big sister for the first time in our life.

… to our crazy Asha, the teacher of Asha Kiran hostel, with whom we never felt we could do any cultural mistakes, which is why we could always fully release while being with her.

... to this incredible country, which still surprises and impresses us every day.


  1. Congrats on completing this amazing journey so well and thanks so much for keeping us updated and making me aware of some cultures which I was never aware off.The way you girls are gonna miss the people around , same way I'm gonna miss the blogs too.. :)

  2. Ein wunderschöner Abschluß von einem lebendigen Blog, den wir gerne verfolgt haben.
    Durch die schönen Berichte und Bilder konnten wir immer an euren Erlebnissen teilhaben.
    Nun steht euch noch eine schöne Reise durch Indien bevor, für die wir euch viel Spaß und tolle Eindrücke wünschen.
    Corinna, wir freuen uns unheimlich, dich in 4 Wochen wieder in die Arme schließen zu dürfen!!!
    Passt gut auf euch auf!!!
    Viele Grüße
    Beate und Willi